Value propositions for health information exchange toward improving nursing home hospital readmission rates

Published On: 01-01-2022

The importance of health information technology use in nursing home (NH) care delivery is a major topic in research exploring methods to improve resident care. Topics of interest include how technology investments, infrastructure, and workforce development lead to better...

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A call to address RN, social work, and advanced practice registered nurses in nursing homes

Published On: 11-10-2021

Background: US nursing homes (NHs) have struggled to overcome a historic pandemic that laid bare limitations in the number and clinical expertise of NH staff. Problem: For nurse staffing, current regulations require only one registered nurse (RN) on duty...

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Longitudinal impact of APRNs on nursing home quality measures in the Missouri Quality Initiative

Published On: 10-04-2021

OBJECTIVES: To measure the impact of advanced practice nurses (APRNs) on quality measures (QM) scores of nursing homes (NHs) in the CMS funded Missouri Quality Initiative (MOQI) that was designed to reduce avoidable hospitalizations of NH residents, improve quality...

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Financial and work-flow benefits of reducing avoidable hospitalizations of nursing home residents

Published On: 07-02-2021

Objectives: 1) Explain the financial benefit of potential revenue recapture (PRR) for non-billable days due to hospitalizations of nursing home (NH) residents using a six-year longitudinal analysis of 11 of 16 NHs participating in the Missouri Quality Initiative (MOQI);...

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Examining social networks in text messages about nursing home resident health status

Published On: 07-01-2021

Social network analysis (SNA) uses quantitative methods to analyze relationships between people. In the current study, SNA was applied in two nursing homes (NHs) to describe how health care teams interact via text messages. Two data sources were used:...

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Advanced practice registered nurses help reduce hospitalizations from nursing home residents

Published On: 03-03-2021

Advanced practice registered nurses help reduce hospitalizations from nursing home residents MU study examines effectiveness of $35 million program designed to improve quality of care in nursing homes. Marilyn Rantz still remembers the day she got the call that...

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Full-time nurse program cuts ED visits, saves $31 million for MO nursing homes

Published On: 03-01-2020

Medicare should scrap billing restrictions for direct care services provided by advanced practice nurses in nursing homes, say researchers from the University of Missouri’s Sinclair School of Nursing, citing results of a long-term study. Investigators followed a six-year quality...

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Take it to the resident: A model for engaging longterm stay residents in advance care planning

Published On: 02-11-2021

Advance care planning involves a meaningful conversation about residents’ end of life goals with the health-care team and documenting these wishes in advance directives; however, these conversations are not taking place early enough or with strategies that allow nursing...

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Enhancing physician relationships, communication, and engagement to reduce nursing home residents hospitalizations

Published On: 02-01-2021

Recently, there have been numerous policy and program responses to reducing potentially avoidable hospitalizations from skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). It is estimated that approximately 25% of resident discharges to SNFs are readmitted within 30 days of discharge. Medicare spends...

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Results of the Missouri Quality Initiative: six-year trends of reducing unnecessary hospitalizations

Published On: 01-01-2021

Objectives: The purpose of this article is to present six-year findings of the Missouri Quality Initiative (MOQI) to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations for long-stay nursing home residents. Design: A CMS funded demonstration project analyzed over 6-years using a single group...

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