Results of the Missouri Quality Initiative: six-year trends of reducing unnecessary hospitalizations

Published On: 01-01-2021

Objectives: The purpose of this article is to present six-year findings of the Missouri Quality Initiative (MOQI) to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations for long-stay nursing home residents. Design: A CMS funded demonstration project analyzed over 6-years using a single group...

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Setting thresholds for MDS quality indicators for nursing home quality improvement reports

Published On: 12-01-1997

An important area of inquiry in quality measurement when using quality indicators (QIs) lies in determining what thresholds indicate good and poor resident outcomes. In July 1996, a cross-section of 13 clinical care personnel from nursing homes participated on...

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International field test results of the observable indicators of nursing home care quality instrument

Published On: 12-01-2002

Researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia developed the Observable Indicators of Nursing Home Care Quality instrument to measure the dimensions of nursing home care quality during a brief on-site visit to a nursing home. The instrument has been translated...

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Pain management in nursing homes: What do quality measures tell us?

Published On: 12-01-10

Pain management for older adults residing in nursing homes continues to present multifaceted challenges to health care practitioners and researchers. This study, which focuses on improvement in pain assessment and management, is a secondary analysis of data from a...

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Verifying nursing home care quality using minimum data set quality indicators and other quality measures

Published On: 12-01-97

Researchers, providers and government agencies have devoted time and resources to the development of a set of Quality Indicators derived from Minimum Data Set (MDS) data. Little effort has been directed toward verifying that Quality Indicators derived from MDS...

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Entrepreneurial program of research and service to improve nursing home care

Published On: 12-01-2006

This is a methodological article intended to demonstrate the integration of multiple goals, multiple projects with diverse foci, and multiple funding sources to develop an entrepreneurial program of research and service to directly affect and improve the quality of...

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Impact of nurse practitioners on health outcomes of Medicare and Medicaid patients

Published On: 11-01-2014

Strengthening healthcare overall is essential to the health of our nation and promoting access to healthcare as well as controlling healthcare costs in a quality cost-effective manner. Nurse practitioners have demonstrated in prior research to be effective and cost-effective...

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Analysis of advance directive documentation to support palliative care activities in nursing homes

Published On: 11-20-2016

As part of an intervention to improve health care in nursing homes with the goal of reducing potentially avoidable hospital admissions, 1,877 resident records were reviewed for advance directive (AD) documentation. At the initial phases of the intervention, 50...

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An Interdisciplinary Approach to Promote Older Adult Health

Published On: 11-12-18

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Promote Older Adult Health Over twenty years ago, the University of Missouri formed a broad interdisciplinary team to revolutionize older adult care. Over the years, this team consisted of engineering, nursing, and social work researchers,...

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Setting thresholds for quality indicators derived from MDS data for nursing home quality improvement reports: An update

Published On: 11-01-1997

Determining meaningful thresholds to reinforce excellent performance and flag potential problem areas in nursing home care is critical for preparing reports for nursing homes to use in their quality improvement programs. This article builds on the work of an...

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