Comparing Aging in Place to home health care: impact of nurse care coordination on utilization and costs

Published On: 11-01-2015

The goal of this study was to compare utilization and cost outcomes of patients who received long-term care coordination in an Aging in Place program to patients who received care coordination as a routine service in home health care. This...

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The continued success of registered nurse care coordination in a state evaluation of Aging in Place in senior housing

Published On: 11-01-2014

Older adults prefer to age in place, remaining in their home as their health care needs intensify. In a state evaluation of Aging in Place (AIP), the University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing and Americare System Inc., developed...

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Nursing Home Care Quality: A Multidimensional Theoretical Model Integrating The Views of Consumers and Providers

Published On: 10-01-1999

This exploratory study was undertaken to discover the defining dimensions of nursing home care quality from the viewpoint of consumers of nursing home care. Eleven focus groups were conducted in five Missouri communities. The seven dimensions of the consumer...

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Tracking personalized functional health in older adults using geriatric assessments

Published On: 10-20-2020

Background: Higher levels of functional health in older adults leads to higher quality of life and improves the ability to age-in-place. Tracking functional health objectively could help clinicians to make decisions for interventions in case of health deterioration. Even...

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Randomized trial of intelligent sensor system for early illness alerts in senior housing

Published On: 10-01-2017

Objectives: Measure the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of using sensor data from an environmentally embedded sensor system for early illness recognition. This sensor system has demonstrated in pilot studies to detect changes in function and in chronic diseases or...

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Metrics from in-home sensor data to assess the effect of clinical therapies

Published On: 09-01-2017

A set of metrics and a methodology were developed to characterize a subject’s ability to ambulate. These metrics use the movement of the subject’s centroid as detected by an inexpensive depth camera system. The centroid is chosen as it...

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Enhanced RN care coordination with sensor technology: impact on length of stay and cost in Aging in Place housing

Published On: 09-05-2015

When planning the Aging in Place Initiative at TigerPlace, it was envisioned that advances in technology research had the potential to enable early intervention in health changes that could assist in proactive management of health for older adults and...

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Exploring the feasibility and acceptability of sensor monitoring of gait and falls in the homes of persons with Multiple Sclerosis

Published On: 09-01-2016

Gait parameters variability and falls are problems for persons with MS and have not been adequately captured in the home. Our goal was to explore the feasibility and acceptability of monitoring of gait and falls in the homes of...

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Quantitative gait measurement with pulse-Doppler radar for passive in-home gait assessment

Published On: 09-01-2014

In this paper, we propose a Pulse-Doppler radar system for in-home gait assessment of older adults. A methodology has been developed to extract gait parameters including walking speed and step time using Doppler radar. The gait parameters have been...

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Linguistic summarization of in-home sensor data

Published On: 08-01-2019

Introduction With the increase in the population of older adults around the world, a significant amount of work has been done on in-home sensor technology to aid the elderly age independently. However, due to the large amounts of data...

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