Advance directives in the nursing home setting: an initiative to increase completion and reduce potentially avoidable hospitalizations

Published On: 01-01-2021

Advance directive (AD) completion can improve transitions between hospitals and skilled nursing facilities (SNF’s). One Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Innovations Demonstration Project, The Missouri Quality Initiative (MOQI), focused on improving AD documentation and use in sixteen...

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A coordinated response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Missouri nursing homes

Published On: 07-01-2020

In the United States, the first case of the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) was detected in January 2020 in the state of Washington. By February 2020, COVID-19 was linked to 167 confirmed cases of staff and residents within a...

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Impact of Survey Readiness Training on Nursing Home Quality of Care

Published On: 11-01-2018

Due to their role overseeing administrative, operational, and clinical services in nursing homes (NHs), licensed nursing home administrators (LNHAs) are responsible for quality of care and correcting deficiencies identified during the annual certification and survey process. State regulations vary...

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Analysis of advance directive documentation to support palliative care activities in nursing homes

Published On: 11-20-2016

As part of an intervention to improve health care in nursing homes with the goal of reducing potentially avoidable hospital admissions, 1,877 resident records were reviewed for advance directive (AD) documentation. At the initial phases of the intervention, 50...

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Better care, better quality: reducing avoidable hospitalizations of nursing home residents

Published On: 10-01-2015

The MOQI Intervention Model illustrates the key components of the intervention. An APRN guides the intervention delivering care to the residents and training the facility staff to improve their skills. An MOQI intervention team assists with medical care, care...

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Integrating advanced practice registered nurses into nursing homes: The Missouri Quality Initiative experience

Published On: 04-01-2015

There are nearly 1.5 million older adults residing in nursing homes (NH) across the United States. Reducing avoidable hospitalizations among vulnerable NH residents has become a national priority. Estimates suggest more than $14 billion of Medicare funding is spent annually on hospitalizations for this vulnerable population....

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Staff perceptions of social work student contributions to home health care services at an independent living facility

Published On: 04-01-2015

This exploratory qualitative study examined staff perceptions of social work student contributions to client services, family and client communication, and staff workload in an independent living setting for older adults. Ten employees who had contact with the students, clients...

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Impact of nurse practitioners on health outcomes of Medicare and Medicaid patients

Published On: 11-01-2014

Strengthening healthcare overall is essential to the health of our nation and promoting access to healthcare as well as controlling healthcare costs in a quality cost-effective manner. Nurse practitioners have demonstrated in prior research to be effective and cost-effective...

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Published On: 06-19-2014

Wonder what QIPMO is all about? Click here for a quick and informative video! Strata Commun

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Initiative to test a multidisciplinary model with advanced practice nurses to reduce avoidable hospitalizations among nursing facility residents

Published On: 02-04-2014

Consider the current reality for Mrs. Florence Jones, a woman of advanced age and mild dementia in a long-term care facility, who insists everyone call her “Flossie”: On May 1, Karen, the nurse aide taking care of Flossie, needs...

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