Published On: 10-04-2021

OBJECTIVES: To measure the impact of advanced practice nurses (APRNs) on quality measures (QM) scores of nursing homes (NHs) in the CMS funded Missouri Quality Initiative (MOQI) that was designed to reduce avoidable hospitalizations of NH residents, improve quality of care, and reduce overall healthcare spending.

DESIGN: A four group comparative analysis of longitudinal data from September 2013 thru December 2019.

SETTING: NHs in the interventions of both Phases 1 (2012-2016) and 2 (2016-2020) of MOQI (n=16) in the St. Louis area; matched comparations in the same counties as MOQI NHs (n=27); selected Phase 2 payment intervention NHs in Missouri (n=24); NHs in the remainder of the state (n=406).

PARTICIPANTS: NHs in Missouri Intervention: Phase 1 of The Missouri Quality Initiative (MOQI), a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Innovations Center funded research initiative, was a multifaceted intervention in NHs in the Midwest, which embedded full-time APRNs in participating NHs to reduce hospitalizations and improve care of NH residents. Phase 2 extended the MOQI intervention in the original intervention NHs and added a CMS designed Payment Intervention; Phase 2 added a second group of NHs to receive the Payment. Intervention Only.

MEASUREMENTS: Eight QMs selected by CMS for the Initiative were falls, pressure ulcers, urinary tract infections, indwelling catheters, restraint use, activities of daily living, weight loss, and antipsychotic medication use. For each of the monthly QMs (2013 thru 2019) an unobserved components model (UCM) was fitted for comparison of groups.

RESULTS: The analysis of QMs reveals that that the MOQI Intervention + Payment group (group with the embedded APRNs) out-performed all comparison groups: matched comparison with neither intervention, Payment Intervention only, and remainder of the state.

CONCLUSION: These results confirm the QM analyses of Phase 1, that MOQI NHs with full-time APRNs are effective to improve quality of care.

Rantz, M., Petroski, G.F., Popejoy, L.L., Vogelsmeier, A.A., Canada, K.E., Galambos, C.L., Alexander, G.L., & Crecelius, C. (2021). Longitudinal impact of APRNs on nursing home quality measures in the Missouri Quality Initiative. Journal of Nutrition, Health, & Aging, 25, 1124–1130.

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