Published On: 07-01-2021

Social network analysis (SNA) uses quantitative methods to analyze relationships between people. In the current study, SNA was applied in two nursing homes (NHs) to describe how health care teams interact via text messages. Two data sources were used: (a) a Qualtrics® survey completed by advanced practice RNs containing resident transfer data, and (b) text messages from a secure platform called Mediprocity™. SNA software was used to generate a visual representation of the social networks and calculate quantitative measures of network structure, including density, clustering coefficient, hierarchy, and centralization. Differences were found in the low and high transfer rate NHs for all SNA measures. Staff in the NH with low transfer rate had greater decision-making interactions, higher information exchange rates, and more individuals communicating with each other compared to the high transfer rate NH. SNA can be applied to examine communication patterns found in text messages occurring around the time of NH resident transfers.

Powell, K.R., Popescu, M., & Alexander, G.L. (2021). Examining social networks in text messages about nursing home resident health status. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 47(7), 16-22.

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