Published On: 02-11-2021

Advance care planning involves a meaningful conversation about residents’ end of life goals with the health-care team and documenting these wishes in advance directives; however, these conversations are not taking place early enough or with strategies that allow nursing home residents’ preferences to be meaningfully integrated into care plans. This article outlines a new model that nursing home social workers can use to initiate advance care planning discussions called Take it to the Resident. This model was tested with 11 long-term stay nursing home residents. Data were collected through structured memos and field notes. Summative content analysis was utilized to analyze the data. Take it to the Resident facilitated a discussion about advance care planning and allowed residents to consider their wishes before engaging family members. Although discussions took place, some residents were hesitant to document their wishes formally through advance directives. The results of this study support the utility of continued testing of this model. Having empirically supported tools for nursing home social workers is critical to increasing advance care planning conversations and empowering residents to document their wishes.

Pritchett, A., Canada, K.E., Galambos, C., Rollin, L., & Rantz, M. (2021). Take it to the resident: A model for engaging long-term stay residents in advance care planning. Social Work in Health Care, published online Feb 11, 2021.

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