Published On: 07-01-2020

Sensing technologies hold enormous potential for early detection of health changes that can dramatically affect the aging experience. In previous work, we developed a health alert system that captures and analyzes in-home sensor data. The purpose of this research was to collect input from older adults and family members on how the health information generated can best be adapted, such that older adults and family members can better self-manage their health. Five 90-minute focus groups were conducted with 23 older adults (mean age = 80 years; 87% female) and five family members (mean age = 64; 100% female). Participants were asked open-ended questions about the sensor technology and methods for interacting with their health information. Participants provided feedback regarding tailoring the technology, such as delegating access to family and health care providers, receiving health messages and alerts, interpreting health messages, and graphic display options. Participants also noted concerns and future likelihood of technology adoption.

Robinson, E.L., Park, G., Lane, K., Skubic, M., & Rantz, M. (2020). Technology for healthy independent living: creating a tailored in-home sensor system for older adults and family caregivers. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 46(7), 35-40.

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