Published On: 10-11-2008

The Aging in Place Project at the University of Missouri (MU) required legislation in 1999 and 2001 to be fully realized. An innovative home health agency was initiated by the Sinclair School of Nursing specifically to help older adults age in place in the environment of their choice. In 2004, an innovative independent living environment was built and is operated by a private long term care company, as a special facility where residents can truly age in place and never fear being moved to a traditional nursing home unless they choose to do so. With care provided by the home care agency with registered nurse care coordination services, residents receive preventative and early illness recognition assistance that have markedly improved their lives. Evaluation of aging in place reveal registered nurse care coordination improves outcomes of cognition, depression, activities of daily living, incontinence, pain, and shortness of breath as well as delaying or preventing nursing home placement. Links with MU students, faculty, and nearly every school or college on campus enrich the lives of the students and residents of the housing environment. Research projects are encouraged and residents who choose to participate are enjoying helping with developing cutting technology to help other seniors age in place.

Rantz, M.J., Porter, R., Cheshier, D., Otto, D., Servey, C.H., Johnson, R.A., Skubic, M., Tyrer, H., He, Z., Demiris, G., Lee, J., Alexander, G., & Taylor, G. (2008). TigerPlace, a state-academic-private project to revolutionize traditional long-term careJournal of Housing for the Elderly, 22(1/2), 66-85.

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