Published On: 04-21-2010

The purpose of this evaluation was to study the relationship of nurse care coordination (NCC) to the costs of Medicare and Medicaid in a community-based care program called Missouri Care Options (MCO). A retrospective cohort design was used comparing 57 MCO clients with NCC to 80 MCO clients without NCC. Total cost was measured using Medicare and Medicaid claims databases. Fixed effects analysis was used to estimate the relationship of the NCC intervention to costs. Controlling for high resource use on admission, monthly Medicare costs were lower ($686) in the 12 months of NCC intervention (p=.04) while Medicaid costs were higher ($203; p=.03) for the NCC group when compared to the costs of MCO group.

Marek, K.D., Adams, S.J., Stetzer, F., Popejoy, L., Petroski, G.F., & Rantz, M. (2010). The relationship of community-based nurse care coordination to costs in the Medicare and Medicaid programsResearch in Nursing & Health, 33, 235-242.

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