Published On: 08-01-1989

Smeltzer defines quality assurance as a means for the nursing profession to assure the patient of a specified degree of excellence of nursing care by continuously, objectively measuring the structural, procedural, and outcome components of nursing against pre-established criteria of nursing standards.1 The American Nurses’ Association (ANA) concisely defines quality assurance as “a sum of educational needs of the staff, recognize positive care results, and improve documentation of care. This article will address designing a quality assurance study relevant to long-term care. It will also demonstrate the potential positive clinical impact that quality assurance has on patient care.

Rantz, M. J. & Miller, T. V. (1989). Quality assurance: Guaranteeing a high level of care. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 15(11), 10-15, 33-34.

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