Published On: 05-01-2014

The International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics held its first conference on nursing home research in St Louis, MO, in November 2013. This article provides a summary of the presentations.

Rolland, Y., Resnick, B., Katz, P.R., Little, M.O., Ouslander, J.G., Bonner, A., Geary, C.R., Shumacher, K.L., Thompson, S., Martin, F.C., Wilbers, J., Zuniga, F., Ausserhofer, D., Schwendimann, R., Schϋssler, S., Dassen, T., Lohrmann, C., Levy, C., Whitfield, E., Souto Barreto, P., Etherton-Beer, C., Dilles, T., Azermai, M., Bourgeois, J., Orrell, M., Grossberg, G.T., Kergoat, H., Thomas, D.R., Visschedijk, J., Taylor, S.J.C., Handajani, Y.S., Widjaja, N.T., Turana, Y., Rantz, M.J., Skubic, M., & Morley, J.E. (2014). Nursing home research: The first international association of gerontology and geriatrics research conferenceJournal of the American Medical Directors Association, 15(5), 313-325.

The Technological Nursing Home: Health Alerts for Early Detection of Changes in Health Conditions (Rantz, Skubic)

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