Published On: 11-01-2008

At present, the vast majority of older adults reside in the community. Though many older adults live in their own homes, increasing numbers are choosing continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), which range from independent apartments to assisted living and skilled-nursing facilities. With predictions of a large increase in the segment of the population aged 65 and older, a subsequent increase in demand on CCRCs can be anticipated. With these expectations, researchers have begun exploring the use of smart home information-based technologies in these care facilities to enhance resident quality of life and safety, but little evaluation research exists on older adults’ acceptance and use of these technologies.  This study investigated the factors that influence the willingness of older adults living in independent and assisted living CCRCs to adopt smart home technology.

Courtney, K.L., Demiris, G., Rantz, M.J., & Skubic, M. (2008). Needing smart home technologies: the perspective of older adults in continuing care retirement communitiesInformatics in Primary Care, 16(3), 195-201.

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