Published On: 12-01-2002

Researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia developed the Observable Indicators of Nursing Home Care Quality instrument to measure the dimensions of nursing home care quality during a brief on-site visit to a nursing home. The instrument has been translated for use in Iceland and used in Canada. Results of the validity and reliability studies using the instrument in 12 nursing homes in Reykjavik, in a large Veterans Home in Ontario with 14 units tested separately, and in 20 nursing homes in Missouri, are promising. High-content validity was observed in all countries, together with excellent inter-rater reliability and coefficient alpha. Test–retest reliabilities in Iceland and Missouri were good. Results of the international field test of the Observable Indicators of Nursing Home Care Quality instrument points to the usefulness of such an instrument in measuring nursing home care quality following a quick on-site observation in a nursing facility. The instrument should be used as a facility-wide assessment of quality, rather than for individual units within a facility. We strongly recommend its use by practising nurses in nursing homes to assess quality of care and guide efforts to improve care. We recommend its use by researchers and consumers and further testing of the use of the instrument with regulators.

Rantz, M., Jensdóttir, A.B., Hjaltadóttir, I., Gudmundsdòttir, H., Sigurveig Gudjónsdóttir, J., Brunton, B., & Rook, M. (2002). International field test results of the observable indicators of nursing home care quality instrument. International Nursing Review, 49(4): 234-242.

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