Published On: 04-01-2000

It is becoming increasingly common for nursing facilities to use Quality Indicators (Ql) derived from Minimum Data Set (MDS) data for quality improvement initiatives within their facilities. It is not known how much support facilities need to effectively review Ql reports, investigate problems areas, and implement practice changes to improve care. In Missouri, the University of Missouri-Columbia MDS and Nursing Home Quality Research Team has undertaken a Quality Improvement Intervention Study using a gerontological clinical nurse specialist (GCNS) to support quality improvement activities in nursing homes. Nursing facilities have responded positively to the availability of a GCNS to assist them in improving nursing facility care quality.

Popejoy, L.L., Rantz, M.J., Conn, V., Wipke-Tevis, D., Grando, V., & Porter, R. (2000). Improving quality of care in nursing facilities: The gerontological clinical nurse specialist as research nurse consultant. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 26(4), 6-13.