Published On: 11-01-2010

Technology offers potential solutions to the pending crisis of healthcare for older adults, while healthcare workers are in short supply. Technology can enable remote monitoring of individuals and early detection of potential problems, so that early interventions can help older adults remain as healthy and independent as possible. Research is under way with passive monitoring technology in senior housing that is finding patterns in the data that can enhance nurse care coordination through early illness detection. With early detection, interventions can be more effective and reduce hospitalization and other healthcare expenses. Case studies are presented, and implications are discussed.

Rantz, M.J., Skubic, M., Alexander, G., Aud, M., Wakefield, B., Koopman, R., & Miller, S. (2010). Improving nurse care coordination with technologyCIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 28(6), 325-332.

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