Published On: 01-01-2008

Field test results are reported for the Observable Indicators of Nursing Home Care Quality Instrument-Assisted Living Version, an instrument designed to measure the quality of care in assisted living facilities after a brief 30-minute walk-through. The OIQ-AL was tested in 207 assisted living facilities in two states using Classical Test Theory, Generalizability Theory, and exploratory factor analysis.

Rantz, M.J., Aud, M.A., Zwygart-Stauffacher, M., Mehr, D.R., Petroski, G.F., Owen, S.V., Madsen, R.W., Flesner, M., Conn, V., & Maas, M. (2008). Field testing, refinement, and psychometric evaluation of a new measure of quality of care for assisted livingJournal of Nursing Measurement, 16(1), 16-30.

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