Published On: 09-01-2016

Objectives: Limited research exists on nursing home information technologies, such as health information exchange (HIE) systems. Capturing the experiences of early HIE adopters provides vital information about how these systems are used. In this study, we conduct a secondary analysis of qualitative data captured during interviews with 15 nursing home leaders representing 14 nursing homes in the midwestern United States that are part of the Missouri Quality Improvement Initiative (MOQI) national demonstration project.

Methods: The interviews were conducted as part of an external evaluation of the HIE vendor contracting with the MOQI initiative with the purpose of understanding the challenges and successes of HIE implementation, with a particular focus on Direct HIE services.

Results: Emerging themes included (1) incorporating HIE into existing work processes, (2) participation inside and outside the facility, (3) appropriate training and retraining, (4) getting others to use the HIE, (5) getting the HIE operational, and 6) putting policies for technology into place.

Discussion: Three essential areas should be considered for nursing homes considering HIE adoption: readiness to adopt technology, availability of technology resources, and matching of new clinical workflows.

Alexander, G., Popejoy, L., Lyons, V., Shumate, S., Mueller, J., Galambos, C., Vogelsmeier, A., Rantz, M., & Flesner, M. (2016). Exploring health information exchange implementation using qualitative assessments of nursing home leaders. Perspectives in Health Information Management, 13(Fall), 1-12. PMCID: PMC5075234, PMID: 27843423.

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