Published On: 09-05-2015

When planning the Aging in Place Initiative at TigerPlace, it was envisioned that advances in technology research had the potential to enable early intervention in health changes that could assist in proactive management of health for older adults and potentially reduce costs.

The purpose of this study was to compare length of stay (LOS) of residents living with environmentally embedded sensor systems since the development and implementation of automated health alerts at TigerPlace to LOS of those who are not living with sensor systems. Estimate potential savings of living with sensor systems.

Rantz, M.J., Lane, K.R., Phillips, L.J., Despins, L.A., Galambos, C., Alexander, G.L., Koopman, R.J., Skubic, M., & Miller, S.J. (2015). Enhanced registered nurse care coordination with sensor technology: impact on length of stay and cost in Aging in Place housingNursing Outlook, 63, 650-655.

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