Published On: 09-01-2010

There is growing political pressure for nursing homes to implement the electronic medical record (EMR) but there is little evidence of its impact on resident care. The purpose of this study was to test the unique and combined contributions of EMR at the bedside and on-site clinical consultation by gerontological expert nurses on cost, staffing, and quality of care in nursing homes. Eighteen nursing facilities in 3 states participated in a 4-group 24-month comparison: Group 1 implemented bedside EMR, used nurse consultation; Group 2 implemented bedside EMR only; Group 3 used nurse consultation only; Group 4 neither. Intervention sites (Groups 1 and 2) received substantial, partial financial support from CMS to implement EMR. Costs and staffing were measured from Medicaid cost reports, and staff retention from primary data collection; resident outcomes were measured by MDS-based quality indicators and quality measures.

Rantz, M.J., Hicks, L., Petroski, G.F., Madsen, R.W., Alexander, G., Galambos, C., Conn, V., Scott-Cawiezell, J., Zwygart-Stauffacher, M., & Greenwald, L. (2010). Cost, staffing, and quality impact of bedside electronic medical record (EMR) in nursing homes. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 11(7), 485-493.

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