Published On: 05-01-2005

Programs such as Medicaid Home and Community-based Services (HCBS) have provided an alternative to institutionalization through community-based, long-term care services; however, there are limited studies on the clinical outcomes of participants in these programs as compared to nursing home (NH) residents.

The objective of this research was to compare clinical outcomes of individuals in a community-based, long-term care program to individuals of similar case mix in institutional-based, long-term care.

Study results suggest that community-based care with nurse coordination enhances outcomes of long-term care participants.

Marek, K., Popejoy, L., Petroski, G., Mehr, D., Rantz, M.J., and Lin, W. (2005). Clinical outcomes of aging in placeNursing Research, 54(3), 202-211.

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