Published On: 01-01-2009

This pilot study examined the feasibility of implementing a comprehensive nursing rehabilitation program (CNRP) designed to promote the physical functioning of moderately frail nursing home residents post-hospitalization. The 4-week to 8-week CNRP incorporated three interventions: the Capacity Intervention (improving strength and balance), Performance Intervention (fostering daily mobility and activity), and Facilitating Intervention (providing education, support, and stress management). A longitudinal design was used with a convenience sample of 24 moderately frail residents. The CNRP was found to be not practical as designed because the intervention occurred too close to hospital discharge, and many prospective participants did not “feel up” to participating in a voluntary nursing rehabilitation program in addition to other prescribed rehabilitation. Regardless, participants were found to be able to perform the exercises safely and the CNRP was easily implemented in nursing homes. Testing the efficacy of the CNRP with nursing home residents is recommended after the initial post-hospitalization period.

Grando, V.T., Buckwalter, K.C., Maas, M.L., Brown, M., Rantz, M., & Conn, V. (2009). A trial of a comprehensive nursing rehabilitation program for nursing home residents post-hospitalizationResearch in Gerontological Nursing, 2(1), 12-19.