Published On: 01-01-2003

Permanent placement in a Long-Term-Care (LTC) facility following hospitalization or when staying at home is no longer a viable option is the reality for a growing number of Americans. When death is imminent, the specialized knowledge and skill of the hospice team is required and accepted as an important component of end-of-life (EOL) care. The provision of appropriate care at the EOL is contingent on accurate identification of those residents who are approaching the final stage of life. This study describes the prevalence, profile, and survivorship of residents admitted to LTC facilities, using the Minimum Data Set (MDS) designation of being at the EOL.

Porock, D., Parker-Oliver, D., Zweig, S.C., Rantz, M.J., & Petroski, G.F. (2003). A profile of residents admitted to long-term care facilities for end-of-life careJournal of the American Medical Directors Association, 4(1), 16-22.

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