Published On: 07-01-2017

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Innovations Centers partnered with 7 Enhanced Care and Coordination Provider (ECCP) sites across the United States with the goal to reduce potentially avoidable hospital transfers for nursing home residents. The University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing, 1 of the 7 ECCP sites, developed the Missouri Quality Initiative (MOQI) for nursing homes. The MOQI partnered with 16 nursing homes in the St Louis region to reduce potentially avoidable hospital transfers by implementing key elements to improve health condition management through prevention and early illness detection and treatment; use Intervention to Reduce Acute Care Transfers (INTERACT) tools and processes to  communicate about resident condition change; improve end-of-life care; and expand use of health information technology. The MOQI uses a combination of approaches to improve resident health outcomes.

Popejoy, L., Vogelsmeier, A., Galambos, C., Flesner, M., Alexander, G., Lueckenotte, A., Lyons, V., & Rantz, M. (2017). The APRN role in changing nursing home quality: The Missouri Quality Improvement Initiative. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 32(3), 196-201.

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