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The University of Missouri MDS and Quality Research Team is an interdisciplinary group committed to conducting research that will help nursing homes in Missouri deliver high quality services to residents. The Team began work in 1993 and members have had funding for their work since 1994 through the Missouri Division of Aging, the Health Care Financing Administration, the National Institute for Nursing Research, the Agency for Health Care Policy Research, and other agencies and foundations. The goal of the team is to improve quality of care for nursing home residents. The team specifically focuses on the use of the MDS data for quality improvement and monitoring resident outcomes of care.

In the area below you will find a list of recently added MDS and Quality research articles.

Persistent pain is a problem for a significant portion of the community-dwelling elderly. Many elderly are reluctant to admit to pain because of fears related to areas such as loss of independence and possible addiction. Cognitively impaired elders may have difficulty expressing persistent pain and understanding pain assessment questions. Because of these and other concerns, the home health nurse faces many challenges when assessing persistent pain in the community-dwelling elderly. A persistent pain pathway was developed to assist home health nurses at Senior Care in the assessment and treatment of persistent pain. Evaluation of its use after 3 months showed an agency-wide increase in client assessment and treatment of pain.

Evidence-based assessment and treatment of persistent pain in the community-dwelling elderly receiving home health hervices: A Pathway. Home Health Care Management and Practice, 17(4): 293-301.

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