Today Paul Pepper and DR. MARILYN RANTZ, Professor at MU's Sinclair School of Nursing, talk about the advancements that have been made to assist the elderly or disabled at the home. Motion sensors, sensors on your bed and sensors on the ceiling are all part of a well-tested system available for you, courtesy of Sinclair At Home. August 26, 2015

Marilyn Rantz, Sinclair School of Nursing, "Sensors at Home"

While some go to the doctor once a year, many residents at the TigerPlace assisted living community in southeast Columbia get a virtual checkup every day.

Wireless sensor systems installed in about half of the community’s living spaces constantly monitor residents’ vitals and calculate their risk of falling.

That monitoring system, created by University of Missouri researchers, is starting to appear in other assisted living homes and hospitals throughout the state. A new program through the Sinclair School of Nursing is helping the technology break into the mass market.

MU researchers taking sensor system from lab to marketplace

For more than 10 years, two University of Missouri researchers have researched and developed technology to help people age in place safely and independently. The research started at TigerPlace, an independent housing facility in Columbia, which was developed by the University of Missouri in collaboration with Americare Systems Inc. Now, the researchers are taking their technology into aging adults’ own homes through Sinclair@Home, a service through Sinclair Home Care of the MU Sinclair School of Nursing.

Paul Pepper and Chris Campbell talk about the upcoming 25th anniversary celebration of the Walters-Boone County Museum and Galleries. Food, tours and music - fun for the whole family! At [3:52] DR. MARILYN RANTZ tells us about "Sinclair At Home," a new program from MU's Sinclair School of Nursing. Hear about how new technology makes this service possible! July 6, 2015

Listen to Marilyn Rantz's KFRU interview on the new program, Sinclair@Home!

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